Publicity Officer’s Report

What a great weekend to have the Derek Wishart Memorial fishing comp.

The fishing was hard for some and easier for others, some huge efforts were put in by a lot of anglers, some of the spots I fished were so secret the fish didn’t know about it.

The Tooli Hounds came out like Rednecks to a “Hoe Down” and weighed in some great cathces, as each esky full came to the scales, there was a lot of murmur in the background, like “Ohh they’ve got us”, “Geez, I should have fished more”, “that’s not right, they must have bought them”. Panic was around in the air when Jack Wilson presented the biggest bag so far. The Toolis finished up with a total of 1,084.25pts for their 10 best fishos.

Now the pub weighed in, we still thought they have got us. As each bag weighed in  the weight grew, with Sleepless @ Steamers (Rob Mace) with a great effort, 3hrs sleep & trekking miles with “Mini Mace Mitch” and Bel – sounds like a fairy tale finish! Sorry to say that twinkle in Macey’s eye soon disappeared when Mitch Cronin weighed in. Mitch’s 53 fish turned the scales around just that bit further and won him the Beach & Rock division. Lets hope Macey doesn’t hang the rods up, I myself thought his 2 Kingy’s would of had got him in front but anyway, another great catch by all. Where’s that Scott Tierney?

A report came in from a mate who was spearing over the weekend around Kiama Blowhole. He had some 20 plus kilo Kingy’s in a huge school just out of reach from him. Just 2 weeks prior he speared one that went 10kgs cleaned at Campbells Hole.

I’d like to mention some additions to my interesting catch of a 70kg “Pig” fish at Boat Harbour a few weeks back. On Saturday morning I got a 2kg “Cat” fish named Billy. He took a ganged pilly off the back of my truck. Then later that evening while fishing Little Beach (just as the president pulled up to witness the catch) I caught a “Bird” fish named Jonathon, as I’m untagling it with kids I hook a fish only to loose it on the rocks.

Thanks to Jason and Joel who started the fish fry with a great Bronzy Saturday night, its a shame they didn’t get a Jewie for their efforts.

A great day had by all with the Pub outright winners for a third year in a row and now have a 12 to 10 lead.  If  we schedule it right again next year, Mick Rose will have to work again.

Special mention goes to Nick and Christian for frying up all the fish at the weigh in, please buy them a beer next time you see them. That was definately some of the best tempura Salmon I have ever had. Thanks to all that fished and bought fish at the auction to raise $1,195 for the Athsma Foundation.

“God bless Derek Wishart” for joining us all together for a great weekend.

The Pringa