Club News for March 2012

Publicity Officer’s Report

Well, the month’s fishing…

Something has to be said about fishing the colour change. In the top end it is where you fish. Rob Mace fished the colour change for Bream at the start of the month for a 5.55kg Kingy off Walkers Beach, after fishing for 2 hrs with pillies without a bite, personally I would have left after an hour.

Jewfish are starting to show up in the river with weekly catches reported. Birds are holding at the mouth of Broughton Creek for some reason. They tell me people used to catch them in the “hole”. I’ve yet to see one from there.

Some Pigs have been hanging around the rocks, with a report of one being bought in, tipping the scales at 70kgs down at Boat Harbour, so big they said it even “oinked”. Not bad for a would-be farmer. For more info talk to the “pig whisperer” Mrs Sultana.

With the rain we are getting please get out and fish the colour change. Tailor is fish of the month for March, $10 up for grabs and Macy is leading with a 1.2kgs Tailor. Don’t let him win!!!